Abt 12 by St. Bernardus

Greetings and salutations friends. Welcome to the Saturday edition of The Intoxicated Review. Tonight’s beer is big Quad beer from Belgium. Abt 12 by St. Bernardus is a 10% beast that is pretty popular in my area especially at this time of year. Let’s get to it!

The Brewery:

Watou, Belgium






The Pour:

Abt 12 poured in a dark cloudy brown colour with an off white head that looks like it’s going to lace like no bodies business.

The Aroma:

Ah, one of reasons why I love this style. There’s a ton going on here so bare with me. Banana, raisin, plums, molasses, cherries, apricot and bready malts.

The Flavour:

Ah, the other reason why I love this style! You instantly get that sweat bready malt with that dark fruit kick with the raisins and plums. You also get the banana, cherry, molasses. It’s amazingly good.

The Body:

Abt 12 is definitely a full bodied beer. It was extremely smooth and creamy in the mouth. It warms you up with that higher ABV, but doesn’t burn at all.


Friends, this was a fantastic beer. It’s a beer and style that I think everyone should try at least once…or even more than once. Cheers and thanks for reading.


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