Kona Brewing Company Kua Bay IPA

Aloha readers! And Welina Hou to The Intoxicated Review! Jack writing in today from the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. What better way to enjoy Thirsty Thursday than with a great tasting Hawaiian beer made right here in the islands. Today’s beer choice comes from Kona Brewing Company and is their Kua Bay IPA. First off Kua Bay is a real place on the Big Island. I have never been to the big island, but maybe one day. But enough about my travels onto the beer!


Kona Brewing Company




Hops: Centennial, Cascade, Millennium, and Chinook.


This pia pours with a copper color to it. The po’o forms at one quarter inch, where it lingers even after the pour.


I can smell pine notes as well as subtle hints of caramel. This one does smell different from the typical brew put out by this brewer. Typically there would be a smell reminiscent of the islands…not a big deal as I’m sure the beer will taste amazing!


Well, this is a little different. Up front this beer has a hoppy flavor, which is followed up by a subtle caramel note. It’s delicious! The beer has a crisp, clean finish to it. There is a mild bitterness to it, but still quite drinkable. Typically this brewer puts flavors into the beer that remind you of the islands, but I was a little surprised that they didn’t this time.


With the mild bitterness as well as the hoppy flavors, I would rate the body of this beer at medium. Despite all the normal IPA characteristics, I still found the beer refreshing and easily drank.


Hoa (Friends), this is an amazing addition to the menu at Kona Brewing Company! I was very impressed with it and highly recommend it!

Hoa Mahalo for reading today! I look forward to writing for you again soon! Check back soon! I have some new beer for you!



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