Doc Purdue’s Bobcat West Coast Red Ale by Cowbell Brewing Co.

Hey everyone the weekend is almost here! I’m just going to get right into the review today. Today I introduce you to Bobcat West Coast Red Ale by Cowbell Brewing Co.

The Brewery:



The Pour:

Bobcat pours a beautiful hazy blood orange colour with a off colour head about 1/4 of an inch, which dissipates within a short time.

The Aroma:

Citrus right off the hop. Grapefruit up front, orange and pine. Very nice.

The Flavour:

Just like the aroma it’s citrus right off the hop. The grapefruit and orange blend very nice together. The pine is there but I found it to be subtle.

The Body:

For a medium feeling beer it’s pretty light if that makes sense. The carbonation is just right, smooth, not bitter and nice hop to it.


Cowbell is becoming one of my favourite craft breweries. This is my second beer from them and it’s quite delightful. I could drink this at anytime of the year and so should you! Thanks for reading!



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