Dockside by Bobcaygeon Brewing Company

It was in Bobcaygeon, I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves, one star at time…..

Timelapses Of The Night Sky

Hey guys its John here from The Intoxicated Review.  First off Happy belated Thanksgiving to our American readers.  Being Canadian we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.  Anyways I’m going to be trying a beer from a brewery that  I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  The beer is called Dockside and the brewery is Bobcaygeon Brewing Company.  For many of you that may not know Bobcaygeon is a small town located about an hour or two North East of Toronto.  The community became really famous when the crown jewel of Canadian music The Tragically Hip released a song called….yup you guessed it Bobcaygeon.  Give it a good listen on YouTube when you have a chance.  You wont be disappointed.  Anyways lets get onto the review and as in the past I’m drinking on the go. Cheers!


The Brewery:

Bobcaygeon Brewing Company

ABV: 5%


The Pour:

Dockside pours in a medium to dark red hazy colour.  There’s about 2 inches of head which settles down to a nice frothy 1/4″ head which is a nice brownish red.  It wants to cling to the glass.

The Aroma:

At first sniff you can instantly smell the hops with a little caramel and breadyness to follow.  The hops is just right, not to strong or weak, just right.

The Flavour:

Just like the aroma you pick up some citrus hops, caramel and some bread hints in it.  Everything seems to compliment each other here.

The Body:

I would have to say this is a medium beer that you can have just sitting back just to relax.  Its not very carbonated and its not overly bitter, but its got the right amount of bite in it to want more.  Dockside finishes a little dry, so what are you waiting for? Take another drink!


Dockside is a pleasantly good beer.  It’s a beer that you can have a few of them and be good to go.  When drinking this beer I picture myself outside listening to The Hip and having the smoker going.  Anyways, thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend eh!




Sandwich Brewing Company



Hey everyone, John here from The Intoxicated Review.  Cheers my friends.  A few reviews ago I mentioned that the Windsor-Essex County area is experiencing a craft beer explosion.  In the past few years there was only a handful of craft breweries, but I came across a local article that started 7 new breweries will be opening up in 2017 alone in the area.  That was in April and yes the majority have opened.  A brand new one opened as of last Thursday.  I was really excited about this brewery and its in an area of Windsor which is making a huge comeback. Old Sandwich Towne on the West End of Windsor.  This isn’t going to be a typical review like in the past.  I’ll be going through the four beers my wife and I tried out briefly so I don’t bore all of you.  The beers that we tried were.

  • Big Investment Double IPA ABV: 7.5%
  • Stepping Stone Canadian Pale Ale ABV: 3.6%
  • South of the Border Porter ABV: 5.5%
  • Ruby Sue Canadian Dark Mild ABV: 4.9%

The brewery had a few more different beers, but were completely sold out.  Which is a good thing. I’ll be reviewing the beers in the order we drank them in.


Stepping Stone:

Stepping Stone is a very clear golden in colour.  Right off the bat you pick up the citrus aroma. At first taste you do pick up a lot of citrus with a hoppy punch to follow with a nice finish.  Its not a heavy beer at all and you can have a few of these with no problem at all.

Big Investment:

The Big Investment comes in a clear copper tone colour.  Just like stepping stone you instantly pick up the citrus and you do in fact pick up the pine aroma.  I always have problems picking the pine up.  Wow, this is a good tasting beer.  It comes as advertised citrus, hoppy, bitter and bold. All that is clear in this beer.  Its great all the way through.  My favourite part of this beer is the finish.  The beer finishes off dry…..but, theirs more! We both found that there was a big pop of grapefruit right at the end.  It surprised us and we loved it.  Also I was pretty happy that there was no alcohol burn at all.

Ruby Sue:

Ruby Sue (from Christmas Vacation??) is a dark reddish amber coloured beer.  Its very attractive looking beer.  Ruby is not as hoppy or packed with citrus goodness as the previous beers.  But its a pretty good beer and you may be tempted to have another.

South of the Border:

South of the Border is a very dark black beer.  You instantly pick up a lot of chocolate aroma in it.  I didn’t pick up a lot of coffee or oats because of the chocolate is very intense.  The chocolate does take away a lot of the other notes, but that’s really not a bad thing at all.  At first sip you pick up a nice chocolate flavour.  I was able to pick up a little bit of the coffee and they do compliment each other.  Border is a heavy beer but its not too filling so you’ll be able to have a couple of them in one sitting.


Overall, we had an amazing time at Sandwich Brewing Company.  We enjoyed all of the beers, but our favourite hands down was The Big Investment.  Matter of fact we bought a growler of it to enjoy at home.


While tasting the beers we ordered The Beautiful Brie which came with different items to enhance the flavour of the beers such as walnut, chocolate, honey and fruit.  Anyways, if any of you can make it to Southern Ontario I highly recommend this new brewery.  When we go back we intend to do the tour of the facility and we’ll definitely share with everyone! Thanks for reading!




Kona Brewing Company Black Sand Porter

Aloha once again! Jack her from The Intoxicated Review coming to you today from Kona Brewing Company on the island of Oahu! First and foremost…love Kona Brewing Company beers,  so when the opportunity presented itself to come here…uh yeah! Gonna do that! Today I will be reviewing an island exclusive…sorry readers, but you gotta be here for this awesomeness. Black Sand Porter.


Kona Brewing Company

7192 Kalaniana’ole Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825



Hops: Centennial and Northern Brewer


This black beauty pours very smoothly like the pahoehoe (smooth lava) and forms a head that is about three eights of a inch. The head will slowly disappear as you consume this brew.


When you take a whiff of this delectable brew you are enticed with chocolate and a hint of caramel. Delicious. This is very close to what one may call a dessert beer, but the chocolate smell is not overwhelming, rather enticing. 


The flavor on the front end consists of a bittersweet chocolate that lasts all the way to the back end. You get hints of the caramel taste but the chocolate flavor is the lasting flavor. Now I realize that I am at current, already on the island, but when I sample this brew I immediately think of the volcano pushing the pahoehoe into the ocean at sunset. I’ve never seen it personally, but quite a sight I’m sure.


This brew has a heavier feel to it but no more than say a medium to medium high body. This is a porter, but it is lighter than your average porter. It is very drinkable and very smooth. One could easily sit down and have two or three without getting that feeling of being full.


You may have guessed what I’m going to say here… I love this beer…shocker I know. If you are every on Kona or Oahu, stop by and try this beer! Try all the island exclusives if you can. You won’t be disappointed! This brewery never disappoints!

That’s all for now! Gotta get back to the beer!



Maui Brewing Company Big Swell IPA

Aloha my fellow beer enthusiasts! Jack from The Intoxicated Review writing to you today from Oahu. More specifically I’m at Maui Brewing Company currently enjoying a Big Swell IPA. This brewery has been around for a long time, but they just opened a brewpub in Waikiki. So you mean to tell me that this brewery opened a brewpub in Waikiki while I’m gonna be there…yeah…I’m gonna do that! Well here is the review!


Maui Brewing Company




This IPA has a beautiful golden color. The head forms to about one quarter inch. The golden color reminds me of the sunset on the north shore. Waves crashing…groms rippin it up in the pipe…and the sun falling behind the horizon casting a golden hue that kisses the ocean spray. May have gotten carried away there, but yeah…its kinda like that 🙂


There is a slight citrusy smell to this brew stemming from the tropical citrus hops used during brewing. As far as aromatics are concerned…there really isn’t a whole lot going here, but the citrusy smell is quite pleasant.


This brew has a hoppy/ citrusy flavor on the front end that concludes with a crisp finish. The citrus flavor is not overwhelming…it compliments the hoppy flavor perfectly to create a well rounded drinkable IPA.


This IPA has a medium feel to it. Significantly less body that the last few beers that I have reviewed. This is a very drinkable IPA. It is very smooth and one could easily just sit down and have a few.


Overall guys…this is a very enjoyable brew. Smooth, hoppy up front. Crisp finish. Very drinkable and enjoyable. This is a very well rounded beer and I recommend giving it a try. Good news is you don’t need to go all the way to the islands to get it, but the environment of the islands may make it taste better 😉

Until next time!

Aloha from Oahu


Knee Deep Brewing Company Hoptologist DIPA

Hello fellow beer lovers and everyone reading our review! Jack here from The Intoxicated Review with a fantastic DIPA from Auburn, CA. Today I will be reviewing Knee Deep Brewing Company’s Hoptologist DIPA. I came across this baby one night before a San Jose Sharks game. Saw the logo…grabbed it…looked interesting…tasted…fell in love. So here we go!



Knee Deep Brewing Company




This DIPA pours very smoothly forming a head that is approximately three eighths of an inch, but will disappear as the beer is sampled. The ale has a beautiful golden color that compliments the brew as a DIPA.


Alright! This brew has lots going on as far as aromatics are concerned. You get citrus and a pleasant pine aroma. I know that sometimes a pine smell can turn people off as it may imply a stronger taste, but this is a DIPA, which means that the smell you get will not necessarily reflect the taste.


As far as flavor is concerned…we got some splaining to do. When you sample this brew you get a citrusy/floral taste that has pine hints. It’s really a very tasty DIPA. You get the citrus/floral taste on the front end with a crisp pine finish on the back end. When I sample this brew…the first thing I think of is Lake Tahoe in winter time. The crisp winter air and pine trees. Delicious!


For a double IPA (DIPA) this is a very smooth, crisp finishing brew. Being a double IPA this brew has medium high body to it. It does have a heavier feel to it…meaning only one is probably enough…unless you love the stuff like I do 😉 Double IPA beers have a very hoppy taste to them, but they are very smooth going down…meaning they can sneak uop on you because they usually have a higher alcohol content.


Overall…this is a very flavorful and aromatic double IPA. I highly recommend a taste. I have never been to the brewery, but the wife and I may be planning a trip as it is on the way to one of our favorite vacation spots. I tried this beer on a whim and it ended up being  great decision!

Thank you very much for reading and I’ll see you on the next one

PSA…I am heading out of state to the land of Aloha on Friday. I plan on hitting up the Kona Brewing Company, Maui Brewing Company, and Waikiki Brewing Company on my voyage…pictures and of course…reviews to come!

Aloha until next time!


Festive Pudding Ale by Greene King


Hey everyone John here from The Festive Revi….er um The Intoxicated Review.  Tonight I’m kicking off the start of some festive beer reviews.  We’re coming into that crazy hectic time of year now that we know as The Christmas Season.  This is my favourite time of year.  My wife and I kicked it off yesterday watching Christmas movies all day.  Couldn’t have been a better Sunday.  While I was at work today she even got the tree up and when I walked through the door….that’s right Christmas rock music was blaring! So onto today’s beer! Tonight I decided to try a holiday beer called Festive Pudding Ale by Greene King from all the way from the United Kingdom.


The Brewery:

ABV: 6%



The Pour:

Festive Pudding pours in a very dark clear red amber colour.  With next to no head at all.  This beer does not want to cling at all.

The Aroma:

You can pick up hints of cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate and a little bit of caramel.  It actually smells like a Christmas dessert.  But, not overpowering.


Sweet, but not too sweet.  You can pick up the flavours from the aroma.  The Cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate and the caramel.  But there’s more to this and I know I’m missing it! The frustrating part is its good, but I cant make out what it is!


Festive Pudding is smooth all the way through, not too carbonated and not very bitter at all.  Really easy to drink and not heavy at all. *Note* Its a little more carbonated than originally thought.


Not too bad for a Christmas themed Ale.  I was pretty surprised by this beer in a good way.  Festive Pudding is pretty flavourable and very easy to drink. There’s a lot of good things I’m missing here, so if anyone who has tried this beer please let me know what it is that I’m missing because its going to drive me crazy till I find out what it is! Thanks for reading!



Mother Earth Brew Company Sin Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout

Hello beer drinkers of the world! Jack from The Intoxicated Review here with another brew for you. Today I will be reviewing and tasting for the first time Mother Earth Brew Company’s Sin Tax, which is an imperial peanut butter stout. I came across this brew while shopping at my local alcohol warehouse and was intrigued by the peanut butter stout. So here we go!



Mother Earth Brew Company




Hops: CTZ


This brew has a very smooth pour. I have reviewed a few in the past that had very heavy pours, but this one is quite smooth for a stout. The head forms at about one quarter inch, but then disappears quite quickly.


When I opened the can I was immediately able to smell the peanut butter. When I dove a little deeper I was able to detect hints of coffee and caramel. There are some dark malts at work here as well that give a tantalizing smell.


Wow! This stout has a lot going on! Lots of flavor! Of course peanut butter, which lasts from taste to finish. There is a hint of coffee flavor that compliments the peanut butter, as well as a slight caramel flavor. All of this blends very well to produce an amazing tasting stout!


This is a full bodied beer that has a medium to medium heavy feel to it. It is a stout but it is much lighter than say a Guinness. Ordinarily stouts have a crisp finish on the back end, but this one has a peanut buttery flavor that lingers.


Well done Mother Earth Brew Co.! Having never sampled your product until today and enjoying it as much as I did…I be back for more! I highly recommend this brew if you are into stouts! You will not be disappointed!

See you on the next one!